The Heligoats–Loose Ends


4 song mini-cd EP of additional tracks from the End of All-Purpose sessions. Note that these are included in the vinyl versions of All-Purpose, there is no need to purchase this if you are buying it.

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Many moons back, The Heligoats recorded an eclectic collection of songs, then travelled to the highlands and, after being struck six times in the elbow with bolts of lightening, proclaimed “There can be only six!”. Which, of course, turned into seven, and became The End of All-Purpose.

Cut to 2012, spring. Hard at work on a new full-length (due out in fall), Chris Otepka, head Heligoat and nomadic van killer, found himself in Portland, OR sleeping in a basement surrounded by botched Skittle wine and spiders. While searching through old hard drives (mostly in an attempt to find a picture of a sparrow), he stumbled upon these mythical sessions, pristinely preserved in a series of ones and zeroes. Calling upon Adam Pike, renowned engineer wearing short pants, to work some dark mystical engineering magic, four songs emerged from the sessions to see the light of day, and Loose Ends was conceived, and brought into the world by local mastering birth coach Ryan Foster.

Thus, we give you Loose Ends. Hopefully this will tide you over until the new album. Or just make you dance. Because really, it is a little bit dancey.

Track List:
01. Hospital Thief
02. Are You Saying Yes?
03. Onions
04. Arizona

PLEASE NOTE: These four tracks are included on the vinyl release of The End of All-Purpose. So if you are ordering that and just want the mp3s of these songs, you already have them!

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: This is a mini-cd. Mini-cds will play in any cd player with a snap-down center (like a portable CD player) or any cd/dvd/blu-ray player with a slightly indented center ring. Most slot loading cd players will not play mini-cds without an adapter. However, this item (like all Greyday brand items in our store) includes 320kbps MP3s to use with your computer, iPhone, iPod, Droid…it’s 2012 (or whatever year you are reading this in), you know what an mp3 is.

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