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Sam Humans, The Heligoats, and Greyday Records formed a musical bond in Austin in March of 2008. Being a longtime friend to the label, Sam Humans, then performing under the name Modernstate, had been asked to fill in at the last minute for a vacant slot in the Greyday/Yarrr PR! day party at SXSW, a party which The Heligoats had already been booked to play. All of the above stayed in a small rental house just across the freeway from downtown and, after many shows, parties, and drinks, began loosely discussing working together on a project. The result is Live Free and Let Loose, a split 10” vinyl from the two bands comprised of 6 new songs from Sam Humans and 4 new songs from The Heligoats.

Sam Humans (…worms, O Bruxo) was born in a tree and has called different parts of the west coast home all his life. A bearded family man with a reputation for sermon like performances, a history of accomplishment lies scattered throughout the tumultuous details of his life. “No man should view poverty as restriction. It is freedom, is it boundless opportunity to do something, anything else with your energy, but pursue material wealth.” Live Free is the first release under the Sam Humans monicker (formerly known as Modernstate).

The Heligoats are a 4 piece from Bellingham WA (via Chicago), fronted by songwriter Chris Otepka (singer/guitarist of Troubled Hubble). Let Loose is the first batch of recordings from the band since early 2010’s highly acclaimed Goodness Gracious, and is the prelude to the next Heligoats album, due out in 2011.

Track List:

Sam Humans: Live Free
01. Hate Is the New Love
02. Firedrill
03. Can’t Stop the Sun
04. Chemical Fire
05. Cold, Cold Whisky
06. As a People*

The Heligoats: Let Loose
07. A Word From Our Sponsors
08. Turn Down the Offer
09. Moon See, Day See
10. Boil Over*

Tracks with * are on the cd and digital versions only (digital included with 10″ vinyl purchase).

CD and 10″ vinyl jackets hand designed and letterpressed by Bison Bookbinding and Letterpress in Bellingham, WA. Art design by Carly James.

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