Household Gods–Palace Intrigue


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Limited edition first pressing:
500 cd w/ screen printed cardboard cases
500 180g vinyl w/ gatefold

With over 80 releases between them, the members of Household Gods are no strangers to putting out records. However, Palace Intrigue, recorded at Joshua Tree’s Rancho De La Luna studios and produced by the imitable Dave Catching, is very, very special. Creation for the act of creation in an environment designed for it: the same studio that housed so many of the Desert Sessions and produced work like Iggy Pop’s Post-pop Depression has again been the staging ground for something unique and creatively explosive. No expectations, no rules, no problem.

How did this happen? Irrelevant. It did. Every once in awhile something cool happens for its own sake, not because somebody is trying to make a buck or work an angle; something special was created, and it was creation for the act of creation, and nothing more. Will there be live shows? Will there be more records? Nobody can say. For now, take comfort in the 10 slices of strange, unique creative blasts straight from the wide-open spaces of Joshua Tree and revel in the Palace Intrigue that we get.

The parties involved: David Pajo of Slint/Papa M/Zwan/many others; Vern Rumsey of the mighty Unwound;, Conan Neutron of Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends/Replicator; and Lauren K. Newman of Palo Verde/LKN. Engineered by Jonathan Russo and mixed by Steve Fisk, J. Robbins, and Scott Evans, and mastered by Bob Weston, and featuring guest vocals from Kate Wakefield and slide guitars by David Catching.

Music is a Gift, Rock and Roll For Life.

Track List:
1. The Sin-Eater
2. Blackheart
3. (Before the) Avalanche
4. Shine Theory
5. Hostile Architecture
6. Conflict Bias
7. Avalanche
8. Storied Past, Bright future
9. (After the) Avalanche
10. Rest In Power

This record is dedicated to the memory of Lauren K. Newman (LKN) 1978-2019, a bright and shining star. We love her and miss her very much and we speak her name. Rest In Power.

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