Frequently Asked Stuff:

Can my band send you a demo?
We love new music, although while we are sincerely grateful that you want to take the time and energy to send us your demo, and are flattered that you would want to work with us, the reality is that we are a small indie label with little in the way of extra funding, so we rarely pick up anyone new, and when we do it is usually someone we already know and have been working with in some capacity. Feel free to follow up with us, but don't be heart broken if you don't hear back from us--it's not personal, we're all just very busy, but we definitely check out everything we receive.

How do you do A & R?
This actually changes from band to band and (month to month), but generally we work with bands we know--almost all of our bands are long-time friends or connected to us in some way. So most of our A & R is actually done by our bands and usually takes a very, very long time. This is mostly due to our budget and our need to plan out a year pretty far in advance.

Can we book one of your bands?
Absolutely! Contact with info on the show/tour/etc. and someone will get back to you promptly.

Can I get a promo of one of your bands?
Possibly. If you are a member of the press, you should contact with info on your publication, readership, etc. If you work for a radio station, contact with your broadcast range, listenership, background on your station, etc. If you're looking for promos for any other reason, chances are we can't spare them, but drop an email at and let us know why you want one.

Why doesn't our local store stock your records?
A damn good question! Send us the contact info for the store, or let them know that we are exclusively distributed by Burnside Distribution (BDC) and the one-stops they service.

Why aren't your records available overseas?
A harder question to answer; the short is that they sort of are, but our bands don't tour much outside North America. We HAVE released Head of Femur's Ringodom or Proctor in Europe, and it is distributed through Cargo UK (if you live in Europe and don't see it in your local store, tell them to order it from Cargo UK, or contact for info on how you can help); additionally, Piney Gir's Peakahokahoo and Hold Yer Horses are available outside N. America from Truck Records and The Yearling and Jesus Wept are available outside N. America from Hotel Records, Southerly's releases are available through Arctic Rodeo in Europe, and Books on Tape's Sings the Blues is available from No Type outside the US. All other releases are available direct from our online store or from affiliates of our N. American distributer, Burnside Distribution (BDC).

Can you offer advice/help with my record/label/band/sex life?
We're always down to help out artists, so don't be afraid to ask (we wouldn't be where we are if people hadn't answered our questions, so it's only fair). Feel free to drop us a line and we'll help you out however we can. Probably won't be much help in the sex life department, unless your significant other likes biscuits, as our office manager makes amazing biscuits...